Banking technologies in Nepal and their usage

Rupa Koirala/Banking Khabar-New Technologies are entering in Nepalese banking sector day by day. Cashless transaction is being encouraged. Till now there are a lot of banking technologies in use, which are as follows:

Banking cards

There are many types of banking cards in use such as debit card, credit card, prepaid card, remittance card and so on. These cards have reduced the burden of carrying cash on pocket. Most used banking card in Nepal so far is debit card.  These cards used to be made in foreign countries earlier. But, nowadays some banks are producing cards of their own.

Mobile Payment System

Mobile banking is another technology which is popular among mobile and internet users. Balance inquiry, balance transfer, bill payment, recharge and many other facilities are provided in mobile banking. Tablet banking is alike mobile banking, which is also in practice.

Mobile wallet/Mobile money let us to transact from mobile itself. It is the latest, developed and easy version of mobile payment system. It can be used in any type of mobile.

Viber banking has also started in some banks in Nepal. We can get information about the related bank and its services, interest rate, branches, ATM and so on through viber banking.  

Internet Banking

Under this technology, we can get many facilities from anywhere in the presence of internet. Buying shares, opening bank account, transacting and many more facilities are there in internet banking.

Apart from these, interbank transaction, Branchless Banking, Kiosk etc have made the banking even easier.

Enough technologies, less users

Despite of enough technological development, the number of users is very few in Nepal. The main reason of this is the lack of financial literacy. There are still some people who are deprived of basic education. Among the literate people, there are very few who is literate financially. And there is even smaller number of financially literate people who show interest on using banking technology.      

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