Financial Education: What to teach the Children??



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Banking khabar/  Many people are actively involved in financial management. A part from this, it is very important to make children informed about financial planning.  We have to teach our children the habit of saving money.Good habits help him to avoid costly financial mistakes in future life.

Such tips can be adopted to give good financial knowledge to the children:Open Saving Account:

At small age of children it is a good idea to open a savings account. It teaches them to read and analyze bank statements, by which it also helps them to learn about the definition of savings and interest. In addition, some spending and some saving rules can be set.

Describe the concept of goal setting:

The concept of goal setting can be teach by parents to their children.Parents should motivated their child to buy a gadget by saving money on a regular basis rather than buying toys. It helps them to understand the concept of investing in business. Then they start to develop the habit of setting savings goals.

Introducing the concept of money at an early age:

When a child goes to a store or market with their parents, they learn about the value of money if they spend money on goods and services. Children need to understand how money works so that the concepts of saving and investing can be easily started later. 

 Teaching to save money:A child learns that money is needed to buy product. If parents are deciding not to buy a specific product because it is not good attitude towards money, maximum children often imitate their behavior.

Tell Children about budget:

The concept of pocket money is also different in most householders.  In fact, many parents want to give money to their children. This is a great way for children to learn how to stay on budget.

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