Bank Job : ‘Today I am in depression’

Ganesh Prasad Neupane

It has been exactly three years today that I got a job in a bank. I have not been able to invest any money earned.
In the last two years my salary has not increased even one rupee but my room rent has increased from 3000 to 6500.

I used to buy the materials of the market for daily use sometimes at the price of gold and sometimes at the price of petrol. When it comes to cooking oil, I am running from 160 to 310 rupees per liter. Talking about the office itself, Target is in a position of four times growth.

Talking about the office itself, before the work of the bank was comfortable. Customers would come by themselves, there was no competition. All banks were different. Customers used to come to the bank looking for it themselves. All the simple convenience items used to be easily used by the customers but now the situation is different. Customers do not come to the bank. We have to go to the customer’s door. Customers are eager to use more and more convenience items.

The market is full of competition and the targets themselves have increased too much. Now it has increased four times in the previous situation. Customers used to take and pay loans, but sometimes more problems have been seen in the loans. In small financial institutions, borrowers are absconding with loans. Due to which the employees have to face various problems.

At a quick look, the employee’s face, dressed in short pants, coat and tie, seems to be full of everything. Moreover, during the summer, the bank is like a must-go place during the summer. But outside society can hardly understand the pains of employees who sweat in the same place.

What do you think! How much salary and allowance does an ordinary employee of the bank eat? Will it be a million? Will it be around 60-70 thousand? But according to the bank, service facilities are rarely available, which are beyond imagination, and the bank’s work is becoming more and more complicated with service facilities. Incidents of employees working in the regular office operations department of a bank suffering from various major mental problems are common nowadays.

Many employees are also found in the gambling to go abroad. Surely no one would be willing to go abroad because of being comfortable here? For some reason, people are forced to leave their jobs with AC and go abroad.

Now the bank itself is competitive. Here every banking institution is comparing and fighting with each other. Where convenience goods and services are produced and sold. In which, from account opening to credit card, ATM card, mobile banking QR, by promoting and selling services, banks are determined to increase the number of accounts and deposits by increasing the number of customers. Due to which the competition is also high. Employees who go to the office at 9 am do not need to tell where they are until 8-9 am.

It is as if there is no outside world. When you are working in your own group, you can see the behavior of being monotonous and not being able to get along with others. If you can’t work even when you work 11-12 hours on other days, you have to work on Saturdays and public holidays. But the facility is the same monthly salary, allowance and bonus. And it is said that getting so much is not enough.

For most of the year, the bonus that was given to the bank, if there is anything left, it will be saved, otherwise it will be eaten. I remember one thing that my brother said before eating and living, “If you want to eat and live, go to the village and raise buffaloes and goats. Is there anything more?”
‘Neither yes, nor earn anything to give to the mother, nor buy anything for yourself, nor help the family nor have anything left for the future. Living in the mine was done even when I was doing nothing. After all, has anything changed from the bank job? Maybe some friends and acquaintances are different? Otherwise, there is no saving alone in the world outside of the family? or to say that the heart is only happy. At home father did not ask for money, mother did not ask for money.

The sister said no, the answer is yes. They know that, but others have not given it, they have hidden the money, it is for marriage, they think that they have spent it themselves. Money is not saved nor is the heart happy. My heart is sad and how can I be happy. Sometimes it feels like to go away from this world, there is neither money saved nor happy heart. Why should we still think that the world has been earned and hidden here? And I think again, why don’t you do it?

This mind is not happy, but it has taken care of the mind with hope and thinks again. I don’t want to eat or sleep fast. There is a kind of confusion in the mind. He doesn’t like to talk to anyone, he doesn’t think anyone is his man.

How can I say that I am depressed because I am not able to save money by working, I am not able to digest money, this is depression. How long will you fight with yourself?

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