Transforming Digital Payments in Nepal with Everest Bank!

Bankingkhabar/ Everest Bank is delighted to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with BitsKraft Pvt. Ltd! Introducing the revolutionary ‘Instant Voice Payment Notification’ service through ‘Koili’ for the banks’ QR merchants.
Everest Bank, a pioneer in the banking sector, is propelling towards a future of seamless digital transactions. With ‘Koili,’ our cutting-edge Instant Audio Payment Notification (IPN) terminal, merchants can now receive payment alerts in their preferred language, including Nepali, Newari, Maithili, Bhojpuri, and English.
Wondering why ‘Koili’? It tackles issues like QR scan fraud and SMS alert delays, catering especially to merchants who may not be fluent in English. We’re bridging the gap to ensure your payments are secure and trouble-free!
Thanks to BitsKraft’s top-notch digitization services, Everest Bank is spearheading the next phase of digital transformation and paving the way towards a secure, Cardless, and Cashless Society.
Join us on this thrilling journey towards financial independence and prosperity for all!
Since its inception, EBL bank has been the first choice of customers and has more than 1.4 million satisfied customers and it has been providing state-of-the-art mobile, internet and cash banking facilities through its global network with its 128 branch network, 3 extension counters, 7 regional offices, 164 ATMs spread across the country.
This bank has also been providing services from 32 collection centers for the revenue collection of the Government of Nepal.

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