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What is ICRA Nepal ? What does it do ?

October 2, 2018

ICRA Nepal limited is the first credit Rating agency in Nepal is subsidiary of ICRA limited ( A moody's investors service company) which holds 51% equity in ICRA Nepal. It was granted license by the Securities Board of Nepal( SEBON) on October 3, 2012

ICRA Nepal limited (ICRA Nepal) is the first credit rating agency (CRA) established in the country and has executed more than 220 ratings/ grading, ICRA Nepal is currently offering the services of Rating of Debt Instruments, Grading of various Equity Instruments (Initial public offers, Rights Issues) , Fund management Quality Rating and Issuer Rating (Company Rating) .

ICRA Nepal benchmarks its rating process and methodology to the international standards that ICRA follows. ICRA Nepal is supported by ICRA limited ( A moody's investors service company) through a technical support services Agreement , which envisages ICRA helping ICRA Nepal in such areas as rating process and methodologies, analytical software, research, training and technical and analytical skill augmentation.

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