Smart QR in collaboration with “Financial Digitization Literacy”.

Kathmandu / Smart Choice Technology (SCT) and Media International has been reached an agreement on the operation of ‘Financial Digitization Literacy’. On Monday, in the agreement reached Smart Choice Technology signed the agreement, By Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dipesh Maskey and Chairman Mr. Madhav Nirdosh on behalf of Media International. According to this agreement, Smart QR will be the QR partner in the financial digitization literacy program to be conducted by Media International in 77 districts of the country. In this program, SCT’s office Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dipesh Maskey said that, this campaign will go a long way in raising public awareness about electronic payments in backward areas. He expressed and belief that the program will be helpful in spreading awareness program me among the people living in all parts of the country about the usefulness and use of QR code. Similarly, Mr. Madhav Nirdosh, Chairman of Media International, said that that future of financial transactions is smart QR and the collaboration with Smart QR will help to make the program more effective.Smart QR is an electronic payment technology operate by SCT. Where transactions can be done from various mobile wallets including mobile banking and financial institutions. As per the agreement, information on smart QR and electronic transactions will be provided in the Financial Digitization Literacy Program. The ‘Financial Digitization Literacy’ program is a digital program of financial literacy  which is promoted by Nepal Rastra Bank and organized by Media International.


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