51 World Record Holder Dr.D.R.upadhyay biography

Observing the diverse aspects of society, Dr. is a legendary lyricist who believes in dynamic social values. D. R. Upadhyay. He is engrossed in the adoration of art and literature by successfully displaying his creative talent. Rich in multifaceted personality, Upadhyay’s fame as a lyricist is even higher. Considering art and literature as a mirror of society, his creations have a realistic presentation of the world of life.
Born in 1962 in Birgunj, Parsa district as the youngest son of father Shiva Shankar Prasad Upadhyay and mother Umadevi Khanal Upadhyay, Upadhyay’s real name is Dharmaraj Upadhyay. He spent his childhood in the company of his parents and passed the SLC level from the village’s Tri-Juddha Vocational High School. After that, he entered Kathmandu for higher education and later reached India and even obtained a doctorate degree.
From an early age, he had a wonderful disposition to observe every subject in a subtle way and to think about its various aspects in a fundamental way. Art and literature are also said to be powerful means of expressing thoughts and feelings.
Upadhyaya, who has a contemplative and emotional nature, also found this medium suitable for expressing his thoughts and feelings. He chose the goreto of creation to calm and the waves of the heart. That seed of creation has grown into a huge banyan tree today.
From an early age, he had a passion for writing songs and poems. He used to compose various poems and songs and show them to his grandparents and his friends. After receiving praise and encouragement from everyone, his mind was filled with more enthusiasm. His love for the pen, which had grown dark from an early age, began to move forward in the realm of art and literature.
People’s interests are not the same. Although many people want to reach the height of success, it is not easy to achieve it. Nature has endowed every human being with a combination of innate abilities and desires. Only when interests and talents meet and are used to the fullest can the ladder of success be climbed.
Upadhyaya, the creator of hundreds of classic songs, also entered the field realizing his creative power and interest. As a result, today he is known as a powerful creator in the field of song and music. And, he has managed to set 51 world records in the field of song and music.
The lyricist Upadhyaya believes that every person should be unique and original in themselves, even if they receive inspiration and influence from the lives of many. That is why he is searching for his separate identity and existence. He is of the opinion that it is not enough to just walk on the road that has already been built after filling the cradle of the Creator.
With this belief, a different identity has been formed among the lyricists of Upadhyaya who are dedicated to art. Kuver Upadhyaya, a genius, has been writing poems, songs and novels in the spirit of creation. With hard work and determination, the talent inside him has got an opportunity to shine .
When selflessness is absorbed in one’s deeds, one experiences special happiness. Creation inspired by latent intent and selfishness cannot touch the heart of the reader. Literary endeavor without thought is only a pretense. That is why Upadhyaya wants to unleash his inner talent by constantly immersing himself in song literature.
People are wandering around in search of happiness. But, those who use the eternal source of happiness within themselves can get happiness from small things. Only after experiencing sorrow does one realize the true value of happiness. Great practice and hard penance are also necessary to create art. Stories of struggles in Upadhyaya’s life are also innumerable.
The height and success of climbing hundreds of mountains of struggle has brought him to the level of immense happiness. Walking with the holy path and advanced purpose brings happiness in any difficulty.
He is also a source of inspiration for many as he has made a name for himself in the crowd of art and literature. Upadhyay, who made his debut in literature by composing short poems for the first time, has so far composed hundreds of songs from 24 albums and eleven novels.
As inspiring and sweet as his creations are, his personality is just as decent and gentle. With a cheerful face, clear speech, and simple and sincere demeanor, you are hardly unaffected. Public issues are also of interest and discussion. In literature, the knowledge acquired by the creator, life experience and skill are expressed in an artistic style.
Extremely sophisticated and advanced thinking inspires society to follow the right path. The creator should be equally vigilant towards the message sought to be given to the society through his creation. Dr. DR Upadhyaya’s compositions and works also contain useful and positive thoughts. Listening to the melodious voice of many songs composed by him, it is clear that he has supported the pride of the society as well as the nation.
Every human being is greatly affected by the environment, culture and customs he or she experiences. People are developing their ideas and thoughts on the ground where the level of social consciousness is. Even growing up in a simple environment, some are eager to do something new in the world.
DR Upadhyay is one of those rare people. He has made various meaningful efforts to bring Nepali art and literature to the international level. Dozens of songs composed by him have succeeded in setting world records.
Nepal has also got to be proud of the name of Upadhyaya, who expanded his identity by writing songs and keeping one record after another.
Upadhyaya’s creations that aspire for social transformation by incorporating various aspects and trends of society in literature are timeless. The images, symbols, and myths he uses are not from an unfamiliar world. Discovering new uses and styles in creation, Upadhyaya is always engrossed in the flourishing of Nepali art and literature.
 There are various genres of literature. There is a use of many tendencies and thoughts within it. Literary trends can be broadly divided into realism and Romanticism. Both these streams have their own importance and recognition. However, literature that stands on the ground is more alive than literature written on the flight of emotion and imagination. Because self-imagination makes literature or the readers of literature dreamy and confused.
The journey is lost in a moment as soon as it reaches reality. Therefore, he believes that literature, which is full of unbridled imaginary flight, does not have much effect on life. However, Upadhyaya is clear that there should be a little bit of sentimentality in art and literature. Upadhyaya believes that the best literature is born in the coordination of both the flying journey of emotion and the harsh reality without sensations.
Thought is the root of literature even within the real literature which stands on the foundation of all forms like ideas, images, symbols and the literature that stands on the roots is always alive. Here is the creator of living and authentic literature. DR Upadhyay.
Upadhyaya, who has been trying to share in the pain and tears of the common man from an early age, is interested in creating the pains of suffering, colorful dreams and hard struggles. Therefore, the social picture is vividly included in his works. Literary writer who considers writing as an integral part of his life. Contemporary works of DR Upadhyaya are being published regularly in national level dailies.
 Dr. who claims that the focal point of writing should be in social reality. DR Upadhyaya has published 24 albums, 11 novels and three song books. The novels include Bajraghat, Tyagi, Bhagyachakra, Apawitra Chhaya,Swarthi,Bituli, Atirikta, Dagawaaz, Adhuro Prem, Sapana ki Rani  and Coffee Love. Others are enlightened.
Similar song albums include Love, Intoxicated Eyes, Wounds, Echoes, Pranay , Saheli, Joho,     Antarap, Jakham, Pratinaad,Nashalu Nazar,   Mountain Melody, Kriti, Pariskrit, Prithak, Sudharash, Anjaan Tirkha, Nazar ko Tir, Anubhutiko Majheri Ma, Seventh Chords, Saubhagya Sindoor, Dharohar, Chahana ko Mahal’, ‘Kartavyabodh’ ‘Hridayako Jhankar’, ‘Dharti Ra Jeevan’, ‘Pratibha’ and ‘Dhadkan’ are among the audience.
Similarly, the book of the smallest song, 2/2 inch anthology ‘Anubhutiko Mazheri’, note size song book ‘Chot’ and the song Kavita Preyasi composed of 34 letters of consonant letters have also come to the readers.
Upadhyay has set the highest world record in Nepali songs and music. Lately, he has set world records in 19 more genres related to music and so far he has set world records in a total of 52 genres.
He has received Guinness Book of World Records, Book of America, Australia, London UK and other world record certificates for his literary songs. American Book of Records, Asian World Record, Champion Book of World Records, World Talent Book, Everest World Record, European Record Book, URF World Record, Asian World Record, The Vritis World Record, Wegd World Upadhyay has even received a certificate of record such as the Assam Book of Records. He also released 36 songs from seven song albums at once.
Upadhyaya has published a 288-line song, a word for a boy and a word for a girl, in a postage stamp, conveying the social message of love, respect, care, a song in 12 foreign languages, protection and treatment of both men and women. A song made about the names of prominent Nepali people, Sign language song, akshar akshar song in one male and another female voice, a song composed in three octaves, a song based on the names of the climbers of Mount Everest, a song based on the name of the novel published in Nepal so far, the world’s highest peak The song, A world record for a song that uses the names of several trees and plants in one song, a song made using the word heart many times in a song, the smallest songbook in the world (2 by 2 inches), the permanence of the same song, Has succeeded in keeping.
Of the 19 records recently added, Upadhyay composed songs in the name of tourist destinations in more than 150 countries, composed the shortest 18-letter song, wrote and released four songs in one day, composed songs in the names of the currencies of 175 countries. Has set a written record.
He has also recorded songs with the names of 55 different flowers, the most frequently using the words mother and the most frequent use of the words “father” and the names of 164 species of birds in the world.
He has Printed his songs in the largest number of tea-drinking cups, most of them in postcards, and composed songs about the benefits of positive thinking, and has recorded songs in the voices of 11 singers above 60 years of age. Who have managed to set a world record.
His songs have been voiced by almost all the popular singers from the senior to junior . Music director Santosh Shrestha and Sagar Adhikari ‘Sharad’ have played a special role in making his songs more popular. The videos of Upadhyaya’s songs are equally excellent.
World renowned lyricist Upadhyaya has brought Nepali songs and music to the world market and has enhanced the pride of not only Nepal but also Nepal in all world records including Guinness Book and American World Book. He says, “I have made this record not only for myself but also to introduce Nepali songs and music to the world.”
Even the honored lyricist from ‘Hero 2019’, Dr. DR Upadhyaya was awarded the ‘Song of the Year Award’ at the Ninth Annual Festival of the Lyricists Association of Nepal. Most of his songs have won awards at various song and music awards in Nepal and abroad.
“I write songs and novels for the society, I write songs for self-satisfaction,” says Upadhyaya.
Sociable Dr. DR Upadhyaya respects creators who are older than him and gives inspiration and affection to everyone else. Mrs. Sunita Khanal is also encourage Upadhyaya’s determination and dedication to literature till the active moment of her life. His journey has been made even more exciting with the help of his son Ankit and daughter Isha. Through DR Music and Creation, he brings his songs to the audience.
Writers and literary men are not only the jewels of the society but also the guides. Creation keeps the creator alive even after death. Upadhyaya, who seeks new subjects in writing, emphasizes that the creator should create his own language-style. The simple use of simple language style, ornaments, images, symbols also finds the maturity of ideas in his beautiful works. These ideas are not rooted in stereotypes, nor are they out of touch with modernity. Instead, the vision of building a prosperous society is found in the consciousness of the changing times. Numerically, his works are remarkable as well as qualitatively.
Upadhyaya’s songs have a thematic variety. He has tried to cover the ideas and issues of all classes, professions and communities. The songs in her 24 albums include not only love, romance, separation but also songs written for the society. From his festive songs, daughter’s farewell songs, songs aimed at tourism,
There are songs about yoga, songs about harassment of women, songs about workers and farmers to make the citizens in the society healthy and wholesome. There are also songs of major scale, songs of minor scale as well as songs of Seventh Cods. Suffering from many ups and downs of life including love, romance, emotion, torture, suffering, glory and opulence. DR Upadhyaya considers life as an excellent play of the creator and the same invisible superpower as the producer-director. May the steps of Upadhyaya, who has been awarded various world records and innumerable honors and awards through his creations, continue to move forward. Congratulations and best wishes.

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