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7 tips to be followed before and during the banking job interview

August 13, 2018

Rupa Koirala/Banking Khabar – If you want a banking job, you must prepare yourself in the same way, because you aren't the single person to apply for the respected job. Why should a bank select you among several applicants? For this, you must have that extra skill, capacity or the ability which is useful for the vacant post. Apart from this, you should be able to make that image in the mind of the interviewer. Just like you prepare for the exam, preparation is needed for the interview too. In the interview, you are observed for your knowledge, appearance, facial expression, eye contact and many more. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before and during an interview of a banking job:

Personal Details

You will be asked about your personal details as soon as you are seated. Regarding this, you should include information about yourself along with your family, education and more. Here, shorten the information about your family, take more time in explaining about your education and highlight the awards and success that you achieved during your study. Explain such success of yours, which is useful for the applied job.


After asking your personal details, you are asked to show you bio-data. The form, you filled while giving application matters a lot. A lot of questions will be asked about the details that you mentioned in you bio-data. So, be careful while filling application form.

Banking Knowledge

If you don’t have proper knowledge about credit, deposit, saving and alike, just drop your dream of getting job in banking sector. Because, after knowing about you, it’s the time to check you banking knowledge. For this, study as much as possible about the mostly used terminologies of banking sector. There are around 150 such words. You study them all. You can get help from any books related to bank or the internet.

Current Affairs

It's important to be updated about Current Affairs for all types of job. You may be asked about it. What is the status of banking interest? Who is the governor of Nepal Rastra Bank? For such questions, read newspapers regularly. Not only about economic and financial sector but you also should be updated about all the national level news. In addition, increase your general knowledge.

Know your Employer

Now, it's the time to test your knowledge about the company, you have applied in. For this, study about the history, programs, awards and rewards, mission and visions, chairman and CEO etc. In addition, be well informed about the loan advancement system of the bank, types of loans provided by the bank, types of saving accounts, financial status of the bank and so on. For this, visit the official website of the respective bank. Through this test, employer observes the interest in you to work in that bank.

Information about Yourself

And, here comes the most important question, where you should speak as much as you can. Regarding this, you will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses, biggest achievement, and the reasons to be selected. So, be prepared, or else you will get in trouble. Because, your style of speaking, confidence and capacity of convincing are judged here. Answering such question, never start like my strengths are these and my weaknesses are these straightly. Firstly, think about the requirements of job and mention the related qualities of yours only. Along with pointing out the weak and strength point, don't forget to clarify them with proper reason. Convince the interviewer that you are the one they are seeking for the job.

Why banking Job only?

Last, but not the least. Here comes the question – Why did you choose banking career? Or, why did you choose this bank? Prepare answers of these questions before entering the interview room.

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